Benefits of a Secured Credit Card

Whether you're starting out or starting over, the secured credit card is a great way to build your credit history.

Building a credit history

Secured credit cards are excellent to start your credit history. If you are finding it difficult to get a credit card, secured cards are relatively easy. The card companies report your activity to the credit reporting companies, giving you a foundation for your credit history.

Re-establishing a poor credit history

Secured credit cards are a wonderful way to repair your credit history. Even if your credit history is poor, you will be able to qualify for a secured credit card. Being able to list a Visa or MasterCard with consistent on-time payment history should be a good credit reference

Same privileges as regular credit cards

Your secured credit gives you many of the same privileges as an unsecured card as long as your credit limit is fairly strong. You can charge most anything and make hotel, airline or rental car reservations.

Quick eligibility for a regular card

By using your secured card wisely, paying more than the minimum and on time you can qualify for an unsecured card in as little as 12 months.


You can use your credit card to reserve rental cars and hotel rooms, but many agencies won't accept debit cards

Safe money

It is safer to carry a credit card than cash. And with a credit card, you'll have the money available for your emergency.

Consumer protection

An extra benefit of using credit cards is that they provide a level of security and you are protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


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