Prepaid Visa and MasterCards

A prepaid card is a debit/credit card that you purchase and load money onto just like a prepaid cell phone. Prepaid or stored-value cards works just like debit cards. The difference is, instead of being linked to a checking account, they come with a prepaid balance usable anywhere you can use debit cards. Some can be "reloaded" when the balance is spent; others you discard after depleting the prepaid balance.

Gift and General Purpose Prepaid cards are available for purchase at financial institutions and participating retailers.

You load money on to a card that can then be used at retailers and online merchants. You can also withdraw cash with the prepaid Visa or MasterCard at an ATM.

Since prepaid Visa or MasterCard cards are completely powered by the money you have in your prepaid account, there is no risk of running into debt. There are no credit checks and no interest to pay.


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